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Bra Care Tips:

1. Laundering Your Bras:

Hand wash all bras with an under wire or a molded or foam cup.  It may seem to take more time but you will get much more life out of your hand washed bra, at least a year, or more depending on the quality and how many you have, as opposed to 3-6 months.

Use a gentle fabric wash, soak for 10 to 15 minutes. Gently scrub any trouble areas. Rinse thoroughly. For molded or padded cup bras, wrap it in a towel to get excess water out. Avoid wringing out your bra.

Machine-washing your bra will cause the wires to break; the molded bras will get wrinkly and bumpy and the fabric stretched and mangled. .

Hang to dry. NEVER put your bra in the dryer.  Hang your bra by either front or back, to keep its shape, as hanging it by one strap will warp the front of the cups.

2. Putting on Your bra:

When putting on your bra position the cups in front with the hooks at center back.  Do up the hooks, pull the bra straight up and into position. 

Put your arms in the straps, and adjust as needed.  You may need to lift breast tissue to make sure the underwire sits at the crease between your body and breast. 

Avoid hooking it up in the front and twisting it around your body.  That puts unnecessary pressure on the fabric and under wires.  Causing the wire to snap or fabric to break down prematurely.

3. Storing your Bra:

Store molded or foam cups in the open position.  As folding one cup into the other causes permanent ceases that shows through light t-shirt and other fabrics.

4.  Your bra collection:

It is best to have 3- 9 or more bras to rotate.  Wear each bra a day or two at a time.  Washing them regularly to get out the body oils and sweat which break down fibers and wear out your garment.  Every garment has a different requirement in a bra so you will need a variety.  T-shirts and light fabrics work well with molded cup bras.  Low cut shirts go well with plunge bras.  Lace and seamed bras can work well under crisper or heavier fabrics or shirts with a pattern.