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Diamond Tea Robes Zip and Wrap styles.



Extra Small to Extra Large


Here is a list of what we have in stock as of today Dec 9th. 

These are the 75% Cotton and 25% Polyester blend robes. 

Flat Front Zip 
160-6 Extra Large - Spruce 

Pleat Front Zip 
142-6 Small - 2 Pink, Spruce
142-7 Small - Lapis
           Large - Pink, Lapis, Spruce
5-142  Extra Large - Lapis
142-7 1 XLarge - Lapis

Notched collar wrap with attached belt.
5-136 Extra Small Teal 
136-6 Small - Spruce
            Medium - (Pomegranate - Sold)
            Large - Plum
            Extra Large - Lapis, Plum
136-7 Small - Pink, Barley, Lapis
            Medium - Lapis
5-136 Extra Large - Pomagranate

Shawl collar wrap with detachable belt.
161-6 Medium - Barley, Pomagranate

There are a few more robes on order but until they show up at the door I am not getting anyones hopes up. 

As of Dec 9/17

Shown in the photos. Pink, Barley, Spruce, Lapis, Pomagranate and Plum.